Friends of Green Hill Cemetery
Volunteer-led walking tours are $5/person.  Our long awaited pretty-darned-well volunteer-researched booklet -- A Walking Tour of Green Hill Cemetery -- is now available for an additional $5 at the tour or at the City cemetery office.  The booklet includes stories of local folks buried in Green Hill and of interesting gravestones spread across Green Hill's 51 acres, as well as a map leading you to 23 major sites.  If you aren't able to attend our tours, purchase a $5 tour booklet at the City Cemetery office and wander Green Hill Cemetery on your own.

The Cemetery office is located at 1001 4th Street between Maple St. and Vine St.  Please DO NOT ask or expect cemetery staff to mail or deliver tour booklets! 

Since about 2014, a botanist generously has volunteered hundreds of hours identifying and labeling hundreds of trees and shrubs in Green Hill Cemetery. 
Here is a spreadsheet of plants identified as of November 2015.  Friends of Green Hill Cemetery and the City of Greensboro donate funds to purchase the actual labels.  In time, we hope to provide specific GPS locations of labeled trees/shrubs, but that requires another huge volunteer effort!  Patience is a virtue!
Green Hill Cemetery, established in the late 1800's by the City of Greensboro, is enlivened today by it's visitors, flora, and fauna, providing a park-like setting
for remembrance, contemplation, respite, and education about local history, people, and nature.
Friends of Green Hill Cemetery is a volunteer organization formed in 2009
to provide historic tours and raise funds for enhancement of the plantings and structures within Greensboro NC's oldest public cemetery.  We operate under the City of Greensboro Parks & Recreation Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization..
Last updated: April 4, 2016
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