Friends of Green Hill Cemetery
Our volunteers lead walking tours, offer virtual PowerPoint tours for groups meeting off-site, lead Cemetery Volunteer Mornings, and are helping to fund and publicize a major tree and shrub identification and labeling project.  Almost 700 Green Hill trees and shrubs are formally identified and labeled so far!  With permission from the City of Greensboro's Green Hill Cemetery Superintendant, we encourage projects that offer respectful respite and appreciation of Green Hill Cemetery as a historical, horticultural, and urban ecological asset.

Cemetery volunteer mornings.  Meet mid-cemetery at picnic tables in The Gathering Area. Bring your garden gloves, trowels or spades, clippers or loppers, as we remove invasive vines, lop suckers from trees, mulch, plant only with approval of the City Cemetery Superintendent, and generally enhance the grounds, one small area at a time.  Even youngsters help by picking up fallen sticks and limbs and pile them at the edge of sections, which helps City cemetery staff.

Cemetery walking tours are $5 per person. Meet at the southern most entrance on Wharton Streeet nearest Fisher Avenue.  We also offer virtual tours -- PowerPoint presentations about Green Hill -- for groups that meet elsewhere and prefer not to walk.   For virtual tours, we request a $5/person contribution with a minimum of 10 persons attending.

Our Walking Tour of Green Hill Cemetery booklet is available for an additional $5 at the walking tours and at the City Cemetery office!

To volunteer with Friends of Green Hill Cemetery, contact Ann Stringfield via info@FoGHC.org

For more information about the cemetery visit our Resources page. 
To donate visit our Support page, with our thanks!
Green Hill Cemetery, established in the mid-1800's by the City of Greensboro, is enlivened today by it's visitors, flora, and fauna, providing a park-like setting for remembrance, contemplation, respite, and education about local history, people, and nature.
Friends of Green Hill Cemetery is a volunteer-lead organization formed in 2009 to provide historical tours, work in, and raise funds for enhancement of the plantings and structures within Green Hill Cemetery  --  Greensboro NC's oldest public cemetery of over 50 acres adjacent to downtown Greensboro.
Last updated: April 4, 2016